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Cybersecurity for Cities

Smart City smart systems are designed to ensure monitoring of various areas of public space and the safety of citizens.

However, in order to be able to fulfill their mission they themselves need to be secured in the best possible way. Security is required in three basic areas: security of user authentication and access to sensitive system data, security of authentication of intelligent devices among themselves, and encryption of communication between them.

Unfortunately, the systems so far have not been able to cope with these challenges. The use of passwords does not in any way ensure the security of user login. The same goes for the mutual authentication of IoT smart devices with each other - also based on passwords. Additionally, over 80% of communication between IoT devices is not secured and encrypted in any way.

Fortunately, a solution has been created in Katowice to ensure complete cybersecurity of IoT systems in one system, completely eliminating the need to use passwords for authentication and ensuring encryption of communication even between the simplest IoT devices with significantly limited computing power, memory and power consumption, as well as resistant to computer attacks. quantum and thus eliminating over 80% of all cyber threats.

The solution was implemented as a pilot on the KISMIA system of the city of Katowice.


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