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About the Showroom

This unique project on a Polish scale was initiated by the Silesian Internet of Things Cluster SINOTAIC and is the first cyber-physical space where Polish solutions in the IoT area will be presented, with particular emphasis on technology for Smart City. The showroom is being created with the support of the City of Katowice, which appreciates the importance of cooperation between local government and leaders of tomorrow's technologies, hence the tightening of relations with the Cluster as part of a new project

Cluster members and partners from all over Poland are involved in the implementation of the project. It is worth noting that the cluster was nominated in Poland for the European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) as a national specialization hub in the field of IoT / Smart City.

The consortium and its partners are creating the first cyber-physical showroom of IoT / Smart City technologies. This is an excellent opportunity, not only for the IoT sector in Poland, to showcase its achievements, but also for local governments and the SME sector, to learn about technological innovations and offered solutions that they can use now. The aim of the National IoT Innovation Showroom is also to integrate technology companies and enable testing of proposed solutions and training.


Cooperation between local governments and SMEs in the implementation of intelligent technological solutions is the key to the success of Poland's digitization in the coming years. The showroom is not only an achievement of the SINOTAIC Cluster, but also an excellent example that the real cooperation and involvement of partners brings benefits to everyone "

Agnieszka Łasut, CEO of Smart Secure Network


The IoT showroom is not only a technology review, but also a space for training and meetings during which we exchange experiences. We try to inspire you to adapt new solutions and technologies.


The IoT showroom is also an organizer of specialist conferences. We encourage the audience and the participants to exchange experiences.


We are also a place where everyone can find answers to their questions and doubts regarding IoT technology and Industry 4.0. As part of the SINOTAIC cluster, we have a very wide access to high-class specialists.

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