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Drone Service Center

Updated: May 6, 2023

We provide professional services to businesses in the agricultural, forestry, construction, and environmental sectors.

In our operations, we use unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) and specially designed, dedicated solutions that allow us to carry out a variety of orders.

We have a fleet of unmanned aircraft of varying design parameters:

  • long-range aircraft

  • an agrodrone with a high payload capacity

  • versatile hexacopter

Our drones carry specialized tools, interchangeable depending on the task being undertaken. We have professional measuring apparatus, multispectral and thermal imaging cameras, modules for checking air quality, trays for seeding grass or spraying.

Thanks to our extensive hardware facilities, we are able to carry out various missions and adapt to the individual needs of our clients.

We use proprietary software to process the data collected during raids and present the results - Dronika system imaging and visualization software or multispectral camera data analysis software.

We are cooperating with Fotoacc Grzegorz Łobodziński and the e-correction Company, which has been spun off from our business, which is working on automating photogrammetric processing, as well as developing analysis and reporting methods based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

For more details, please visit Centrum Usług Dronowych (


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