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City game Save The City

Save The City is Poland's first augmented reality city game. The game encourages people to explore, walk and learn about cities by solving tasks placed around the center. The goal of the game is to destroy Horus, a system that seeks to control citizens.

The game features varied quests using mostly augmented reality technology and GPS location. Players through their activity in the game discover newly available locations with riddles to solve.

The tasks thematically relate to the place where they are located, and so, for example, near the Academy of Music you have to conduct an orchestra, and near the Silesian Museum you have to run wagons with Coal.

The game also has missions and side tasks that require the player to find information on any of the buildings or places.

Through creative entertainment, the game allows for active and engaging gameplay around the city center.

For more details, go to: Save the City (


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