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Contamination sensors

The harmful chemicals, dust and significant humidity that are part of smog pose a health risk. This is because they are allergenic agents and can trigger asthma and its attacks, as well as cause exacerbation of chronic bronchitis, respiratory failure or paralysis of the circulatory system.

Air pollution sensors will illustrate to you what, when and how your safety is threatened. They show the results in real time so that the information you receive is always reliable and in line with the real state.

Configuration and production is located in Poland - smog sensors are prepared for our climatic and atmospheric conditions. You are assured that smoke and floating dust concentrations are given in accordance with GIOŚ and WIOS guidelines.

Smog sensors of Polish production will make sure that you feel safe in your environment. Air, water and soil quality sensors will allow you to check what factors and dangers surround your home and your loved ones.

For your convenience, we have created an application for any smartphone model. Let the sensors monitor your air and feel safe.


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