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Creative Professionalism of Creation

Point cloud and virtual building model.

The concept for the revitalization of the townhouses required a lot of consultation, but also a lot of expertise needed at a further design stage. Creating a design that faithfully reflects the existing state of the building, the architects performed laser scanning and used a point cloud for a comprehensive inventory. Its detail is incomparably better and more accurate than that performed traditionally.

The resulting virtual model of the building, as well as of each room, precisely reproduces the smallest details. Architects have gained a tool for verifying design solutions in real time. The possibility of ongoing optimization of technical solutions inside the tenements themselves was created. You can see it with your own eyes, as the PANOVA Studio created a 3D mock-up, which in miniature allows you to admire the future effect of comprehensive revitalization at Kosciuszki Street in Gliwice.


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