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Updated: Mar 20, 2022

DDoS attacks (i.e. denial of access to services) are already an inseparable part of the Internet, whether we as users are aware of it or not.

The principle of operation of this type of attack is based on the saturation of specific resources on the side of the server providing the service. If a service or website is down, it may be the target of such an attack. Dealing with this type of threat has become the daily bread of all service providers on the Internet.

The Polish telecommunications operator EXATEL is the author of the TAMA solution, which is a response to the need to protect against DDoS attacks.

What is product innovation?

  • The architecture of the solution is based on generally available hardware in x86 architecture - without expensive FPGA and ASIC systems

  • Achieving a bandwidth of 100 Gb / s - thanks to the use of effective scaling techniques (vertical and horizontal)

  • Original mechanisms and techniques containing elements of machine learning

  • Possibility to work in multi-tenancy mode (simultaneous protection of many clients with different policies) and protection of links regardless of the provider's operation

  • Development of a fast and flexible decision engine to identify and neutralize threats

More details on the site TAMA anty-DDoS | EXATEL


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