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GIG's Eco Harbor

Innovative bus shelter from acoustic screens and photovoltaic panels-Offer of the Central Mining Institute to local governments.

A bus shelter is one of the most common elements of our landscape. It comes in hundreds or perhaps thousands of forms, but nevertheless serves only two basic functions - to check how long we will have to wait and to protect us from wind, rain or snow during that wait....

The world, however, does not wait, and is rapidly evolving, attacking us with climatic anomalies, requiring us to be constantly online, so we would also like to protect ourselves from heat, cold or smog, and use the unproductively wasted time in some meaningful way.

We have examined the issue of bus shelters in terms of their functionality, innovation or correlation with the development of transportation. We also took into account economic and ecological issues, as well as the demands of Local Government Units - perhaps the most important thing in this topic. The result of our work is a thoroughly innovative bus shelter, which we have given the trade name EKO Przystań, and the development has been filed for patent protection with the Polish Patent Office under the following numbers: P.437103 "Bus shelter" (free-standing) and P.437104 "Bus shelter" (integrated with acoustic panel).

What is the innovation of the product?

  • Acoustic walls (acoustic protection)

  • Closed shelter (variable weather conditions, stop smog) with open-closed system

  • Green wall

  • Advertising carrier

  • Fixings (non-welded construction)

  • Smog information

  • Air purification

  • Scaling the dimensions of the shelter

For more details, visit EKO Przystań GIG


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