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Integration of ERP systems

The integration of a design documentation management system and an ERP system is a key step in the digitization of the design and manufacturing process.

Using implementation as an example - NEWAG AT THE NEXT STAGE OF DIGITIZATION

Electric Impulse II vehicles, is an example of using digital data to optimize processes at NEWAG.

One of the leading rail companies in Poland uses Autodesk's Product Design & Manufacturing Collection set in its daily work. The integrated PDM - Autodesk Vault and ERP systems enable effective data management at the level of various departments, including the 200+ person design department, technology department, production department, as well as purchasing and sales.

"The entire process of creating, designing a rail vehicle is done digitally, so we can control production very precisely - ensure the quality of materials and their availability in the order area.

All the parts that make up the vehicle are modeled digitally."


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