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Medical robot

The COVID-19 pandemic has proven that hospitals are still short of qualified personnel. One modern solution to this problem is the robot assistant, an innovative device dedicated to the medical industry to relieve the workload of nurses and doctors.

Today, it is of particular importance to protect not only the health of the patient, but also that of medical workers who are in direct contact with those infected with the contagious virus. Meanwhile, robotization and automation in the medical sector offers great opportunities when it comes to meeting these challenges. Medical robots are the future of healthcare.

Patient care involves a number of complex and involved activities. One has to constantly monitor basic medical parameters, take temperature, serve meals, and clean up waste. In the era of the COVID-19 pandemic, these tasks are made all the more difficult by the fact that they must be performed with increased care so as not to get sick yourself. And this involves a lot of stress for everyone. So why not delegate these most repetitive tasks to specialized medical robots? Such an assumption was made by APA Group engineers, who - in cooperation with the German company KUKA - designed an innovative device dedicated to the medical industry.

The project was developed in close cooperation between APA Group, KUKA and the Silesian University of Technology.


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