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Reverse engineering - the fastest manufacturing method.

3D scanning involves obtaining information about the shape, geometry of an object and creating a virtual digital copy of it. As a result of scanning, a point cloud is obtained. This is a set of points reflecting the surface of the scanned object. They are described by three X, Y, Z coordinates and can store additional color information in the RGB palette. These points are then combined (in the process of triangulation) into a triangle mesh. With it, the shape of the object is reflected by a set of several million small triangles.

3D scanning - 3D scanning process using Smarttech Micron3D green 10Mpix scanner

3D scanning in two technologies:
  • Structured light - scanners from Polish manufacturer SMARTTECH Micron3D green and UNIVERSE

  • Laser - scanner from Faro FocusS 150 company

3D printing in three technologies:

FDM/FFF - printers from Polish manufacturer 3DGence ONE, DOUBLE, INDUSTRY F-340

SLA - printer from American manufacturer Formlabs Form 2

SLS - printer from Polish manufacturer Sinterit Lisa


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