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Station I 4.0

Within the framework of cooperation within the SINOTAIC Cluster of BOSMAL and APA Group, a robotic station with nested production was created, including a multifunctional robot, a transport system, a process part, communication with the operator through an HMI panel - meeting both Industry 3.0 and Industry 4.0 criteria. The station was equipped with a system platform connecting different technical layers via communication protocols, building a single management center, enabling easy decision-making and generating reports. It allows production data collection (Big Data), energy efficiency analysis (ISO50001).

In terms of cyber-security, CyberusLabs provided software protection of communication processes with encrypted and password-free authentication and communication between the operator and the HMI panel.

The system makes it possible to monitor the most important production parameters, current statistics, quality indicators or video camera images also remotely, from a mobile application.

The technology used is a model for building modern production stations in SME plants, building production management centers realizing the assumptions of Industry 4.0.

The layered structure of the station allows transition from classical automation systems to Industry 4.0 by connecting to the Internet, using advanced analytical systems for Predictive Maintenance.


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