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Voice Assistant Cybersecurity

One of the most serious problems facing the digital world is password authentication for users and devices.

Passwords are the weakest link in cybersecurity and cause over 80% of all cyber threats.

Voice assistants are entering our everyday life more and more. They provide information and help to control more and more complex operations, including banking transactions. Soon they will help us control entire complex systems using intelligent technologies. The problem is that it is necessary to be sure that these commands are issued by an authorized person, and not by someone who only impersonates him, for example by using a digitally compiled or generated voice model. With this, cybersecurity solutions based on voice biometrics cannot cope.

The solution is passwordless user authentication using audio communication - the most universal communication protocol between two devices, which guarantees that the commands are issued by an authorized person. With such a system, we can safely carry out banking transactions.


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